My food journey began from a young age having grown up with two of the best cooks I know, my parents. Homemade meals made from whole food ingredients were my norm. My parents’ passion for food, cooking and entertaining cultivated a deep appreciation and love for all things food in my life. This eventually transpired into a keen curiosity for the world of nutrition and wellness, which led me to obtain a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Manitoba.

My food philosophy is quite simple. I believe in eating a balanced variety of whole foods; rich in nutrients, plants, colours, and enjoyment. Coming from an Italian background, my Nonna’s homemade pasta and sauce will always be near and dear to my heart; however, zucchini noodles take up primary residence on my plate these days. A huge part of food for me is nutrition, but it’s also so much more; it’s connection, creativity, community, and culture… it’s a beautiful experience.

Tutta la Vita means whole life in Italian. For me, a whole life wouldn’t be possible without creating, sharing and enjoying nutritious, delicious, and beautiful meals. It nourishes my soul and fills me with a whole lot of happiness. I hope Tutta la Vita serves as a constant source of inspiration for eating and living whole and well. The recipes and guidance I share, I believe, will stand the test of time in our constantly changing nutrition world, and fuel you for a whole life.